Friday, June 19, 2009

A Bit Ambiguous

I did a double-take at the first sentence of this Denver Post article:
A Thornton restaurateur who served Peking duck to President George W. Bush — along with several Democratic and Republican politicos — could serve 20 years in federal prison on a charge of laundering money connected to a marijuana distribution ring.
Wait - several Democratic and Republican politicos were involved in a marijuana distribution ring?

Oh, no, they just ate Peking duck. Well that's better.


Sally said...

lol...definitely the fact that he served various politicians Chinese food is the most relevant fact here. This is like a parody of stupid reporter writing.

Also, didn't they rename Peking duck as "Beijing duck"? Calling it "Peking" is surely culturally insensitive. We expect this of W., but of a Thornton restauranteur slash money launderer?

Tam said...

The emphasis was bizarre. I guess they wanted a hook to tell you why you should care, but the hook (a) is stupid, and (b) was written in a misleading (I thought) way.

Sally said...

Their idea of why I should care is not very compelling.