Monday, June 22, 2009


Every time I see this advertisement I am attracted to it:

...and then I go look at their offerings.

And I think, really? Simple? Less > More? That goes with paying $55-60 for a pair of sneakers? For real?

I guess it is "less > more" in the sense of "I will be rich in this way of paying a lot for a few nicer items rather than having a lot of junk." But that's not really what I think of as simple. I think of simple (in the positive sense) as meaning that you don't obsess over the brand of your tennis shoes.

I'm glad they make the planet happy, though.

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Sally said...

Just going off this ad, I assume that the target market for their shoes is the sort of young, environmentally-conscious person who will be attracted to a "less > more" or "simple" philosophy, where "simple" means opting out of the McMansion or Jimmy Choo type lifestyle.

Personally, I don't really see "simple" or "less > more" as having as much to do with the price point of one's purchases (within reason) as with the quantity of the stuff one has.

All this being said, I like the look of those shoes!