Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting Rid of Stuff

Due to a server glitch, it wasn't possible to work at my job today. I thought about coming home and taking a nap, but instead I came home and got rid of some crap, namely

  • a saxophone, donated to local middle school
  • 7 of the $1 reusable grocery bags full of books (and I mean really full), dropped off at the library
  • 1 box of Ed's books (hanging out in the car for a while now), also donated to the library
  • my camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, and a foam mat), dropped off at a thrift store
  • a big pile of DVD's (most of a $1 grocery bag), sold to a used CD/DVD store

So that was good. I am now down to about 3 shelves of books, total, and a couple more shelves of things I can't get rid of, like photo albums and binders full of CD's.


Sally said...

Three shelves of books? I'm impressed.

Tam said...

I know. It's getting hardcore.