Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sweet Little Pandora

In the spirit of this XKCD cartoon, I will share with you all an experience I had tonight. A song came on Pandora that I think I have literally not heard since high school -- a song I would never in a million years have remembered -- and it immediately touched me, and I remembered loving it quite dearly. It was "Blue Savannah" by Erasure:

(I can't recommend the video, unfortunately. If this song were more famous it would be absolutely ripe for one of those literal video remakes.)

Erasure is one of the only two bands I have ever seen in concert, and I was totally into them in high school. There is a swoony (gay) voice thing they do that, for my adolescent self, brought up vast feelings of romantic and sexual longing -- you can hear that when he sings "to you only" in this song. In the development of my musical tastes as well as what I thought was sexy, Erasure fell chronologically right between George Michael and Depeche Mode.

Thank you, Pandora.

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Sally said...

Yeah, I had one Erasure album, but I never liked it that much except for one song I don't remember. I think I may have skipped straight to Depeche Mode on this continuum.