Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My SOP Word Cloud

I think it's safe to say my SOP was a bit less focused than Sally's. It also looks, to me at least, a bit more me-me-me.
Incidentally, when I made this word cloud it contained the name of a state my university is not in. I really hope that was an artifact of saving drafts at the wrong time and that I did not tell University of [Delaware] that I looked forward to studying at University of [North Dakota]. I guess it worked out all right regardless, but sheesh.


Sally said...

In some ways, it looks more focused, like you really want to do MATH WORK. I believe your program will give you a lot of opportunities to do that, so all is good.

Tam said...

True. My SOP was also a lot shorter than yours, I think, so that makes the cloud a little different.