Friday, April 09, 2010

Grad School Applications Round-Up

Earlier this week, I accepted the one funded offer that I received as a result of my grad school applications, and as of tonight, I have declined my offers of admission from the four other schools that admitted (but did not fund) me, and withdrawn my applications from the two schools I hadn't yet heard from. I of course did not need to communicate with the two programs that rejected me.

One of the four schools that admitted me informed me I would not receive funding. One had me on a waitlist for funding. Two had not said anything one way or the other. It's possible that I might have received an offer, especially after April 15, but now we'll never know.

So, I guess that's all done with.

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Sally said...

Now the fun part - getting ready to move to a new state!

I like the fact that the word verification is the first 6 letters of the phrase "nontraditional student." Apt, that.