Saturday, June 24, 2006


Early this evening we had a terrific hailstorm. We have a skylight, so we got tons of crackly poundy sounds. Tigerlily fled and even our braver cat Sammy left the room once Mosch and I sprung up to check it out.

I tried to take pictures. Photographing hail is not easy because (a) the lighting is weird, (b) the hail itself blocks a lot of pictures of the rest of things, and (c) you don't really want to go out into a ton of heavy hail just to take pictures. Nevertheless, here are a few. I think they'll expand if you click on them.

This was my best picture of the actual hail, though you can't see much else. It actually wasn't dark outside either. I think the bright green speck is a leaf that was blowing by:

A bunch of hail accumulated on our balcony (and yes the thermometer is accurate):

And, as is often the case in Denver, we had a flash flood. These last couple pictures show the flooding and also the hail on the lawn:

The storm only lasted about 15 minutes, but it was pretty exciting while it did. A lot of ice was still on the lawn when I left a couple of hours later, though it was 60 degrees outside.


sally said...

I really liked the first picture, with the grey & black background, white hail, red handrail, and a single bright green leaf.

Tam said...

It's funny - I wondered if I should post that one at all. I liked how it showed the hail itself, but it bears almost no resemblance to anything you could actually see if you looked outside. I mean, it didn't capture what the eye would see at any given moment.

Debbie said...

I liked the comment on the second picture: "A bunch of hail accumulated on our balcony (and yes the thermometer is accurate)." Especially with some gear hanging on the wall that it looks like you use in snow, the thermometer looks so fake!

Tam said...

I know! (And, yeah, those are our snowshoes.) It had actually been a very warm day, though not quite so hot that we had to close up the windows and turn on the AC. (Our general rule is that we do that when it gets over 85 in the house, and it got only to about 84.) We left the patio door and some of the windows open during the whole hailstorm and it was much cooler afterwards. The hail, obviously, was as cold as ice, but the rain was also extremely cold.