Friday, June 02, 2006

Week 4 Update

This is Week 4 of my 15-Week Plan.

I'm still on target with exercise. Other than Mondays (my planned day off), I haven't missed a day yet. I've been doing strength training three times a week, and something aerobic the other times. This week, Mosch and I went on a bike ride.

I have not actually ridden my bike in a few years. I injured my neck a few years ago and couldn't do it for a year or so, and after that, I just didn't start again. But we had a wonderful ride down a nearby trail along a stream for 35 minutes. Delightful!

Tomorrow (Saturday), I meet with my personal trainer again. And on Monday, I start tennis lessons! I signed up for two sessions of lessons, each lasting three weeks and meeting twice per week. It was $30 per session, which is pretty reasonable ($5 per actual lesson). They are group lessons, of course. I had group lessons last year (or was it the year before? is that possible?) and really enjoyed them. At any rate, it's guaranteed exercise.

On the eating front, things have not been as smooth. I flipped out slightly last weekend and overate, putting me at something like 1100 calories over budget for the whole week. (I estimate that my current calorie budget creates a deficit of about 300 calories under maintenance per day, so I still should have come out under maintenance.) This week has been fine except that on Monday, at J's house, I snacked on chips all day and then had a large, delicious dinner of things cooked on the grill. Since then, I've been staying even or making it up, but I'm still about 800 calories over budget for the week, and I doubt I'll make up very many over the weekend.

It's hard to stay focused on eating well when I always want to eat more and differently. But life is good.

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