Saturday, June 10, 2006

Incredible Nutrition Website

"Incredible nutrition website" may sounds contradictory (at least if you're not obsessed with the properties of foods), but this one is truly amazing: It's got a great database with all basic foods included (probably based on the USDA data) and a lot of other fast foods and whatnot included also. There's cool graphical analysis of the properties of various foods (for instance, how good they are for weight loss or gain, how nutritious they are, how complete are their proteins, what their ratios of fat/carbs/proteins are, and how they satisfy all of your vitamin and mineral needs).

It's all free. It seems to be supported by advertising. And you can add it to your Google toolbar, if you use that, or connect it to your search dropdown in Firefox.

But, seriously, stop reading all my blather and go there right now: Even if you don't need or want any of this information, it's just fun to play with. Seriously. I could do it all day.


sally said...

I second Tam's recommendation of this site. I have used it mainly for the detailed nutrition information of items that BalanceLog does not have, but there's a ton of info on the site.

sally said...

It also has a menu-builder option where you can calculate the calories and nutrition breakdown of your favorite recipes, in case you're curious how good for you that casserole is. I've found these kinds of calculations very helpful since it's hard to judge the nutrition profile of something with a lot of ingredients in it. (For instance, a tuna casserole that I love, which I expected to be of dubious nutritional value, was surprisingly healthy and moderate in calories. I was thrilled to see the stats on it.)