Friday, June 16, 2006

Weekend Plans

Tonight, Mosch and I are eating dinner at home (rare on a Friday night), and afterwards we plan to bicycle. It's been raining here today (relatively rare in Denver, and especially rare during the morning hours like today) and now it's clearing up, so it should be a nice cool evening for a ride. This will only be my second ride this season. I finally got my new padded bike shorts in the mail, so it shouldn't make me as sore as last time.

Tomorrow, we plan to drive to Fraser (pictured above), which is about 70 miles away in the mountains. We snowshoed there a bunch of times this winter, and Mosch lost a grate which he hopes to find (more for fun than because it's very important). The snowshoeing was steep, difficult, and perilous, and it will be fun to experience the same area in its summer aspect. We may have to actually stick to the trails, though - I'm not sure you can hike straight up through the trees the way you can snowshoe (or that it would be proper to do so).

An equally important attraction in Fraser is De Antonio's pizza, a real New York pizza place run by a real New Yorker. He's rude and everything! Hours of snowshoeing or hiking mean permission to eat a few slices and have a real Coke.

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