Thursday, May 18, 2006

Personal Trainer Preview

Tonight is my first (only?) meeting with my personal trainer. Her name is Joyce, and we have not met, but I hear she is (has?) a black belt in karate, so perhaps I shouldn't piss her off.

Personal training at the rec center we go to is somewhat reasonably priced. For $50, you get your initial fitness evaluation plus an hour of personal training. I had the fitness evaluation two weekends ago. I was rated as "fair" on bicep strength, and "fit" on the number of curls (like sit-ups) I could do in a minute. On everything else, I apparently "need work". (Who knew?) "Everything else" includes waist-to-hip ratio, BMI, back flexibility, aerobic conditioning, and a few other things.

Anyway, tonight is the hour of personal training that I am owed. If I want more sessions after this, I can either pay $35 for one session, or $285 for 10 sessions. The 10 sessions never expire, so you could, in theory, have one a year for 10 years. $285 is a big commitment, but private personal trainers charge much more, maybe something like $45-60 per hour session.

What I want tonight is for my trainer to set up a regimen of strength and flexibility training things for me, that I can then follow on my own. I had this done for me at the YMCA before it closed, and it was very helpful until I just stopped doing it. But I think strength training is really lacking from my current exercise routines, and it needs to be there.

I will report on the results of this whole personal training thing tomorrow.

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