Thursday, May 11, 2006

Welcome to Alethiography

Everyone knows that a personal blog has to have a strange and pretentious title, right? I hope "Alethiography" satisfies. I should credit Phillip Pullman for the whole "alethio" prefix thing.

I've thought about having a blog for some time. Most of the blogs I read (all but one) are written by some species of professional writer - journalists like
Andrew Sullivan or academics like the folks at Language Log - and when you see private blogs, almost invariably they are, well, obviously not written by professionals. (This isn't fair, of course. If you turn out to be brilliant, eventually enough people will read your blog that you can be called a "professional writer." But most people are not that great, and I'm definitely in the majority on this one.)

I'm a great rambler in email, but I'll try to stay a bit un-rambly here. So far, it's hard to write anything at all - so much so that I played with the spellcheck button after my first paragraph. Oddly, it doesn't recognize the word "blog." Pity.

Anyway, if you keep coming back, I'll keep writing stuff. There could be links.


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Anonymous said...

Great idea. Now when weeks and months go by without my hearing from you I can check your blog and know you're still alive :)

rvman said...

First step to becoming a Pro - Tip Jar.