Friday, May 19, 2006

Personal Trainer Review

I met my personal trainer last night.

When I had my fitness assessment, the woman who did it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. She was wearing makeup (which is just wrong to me, somehow, at the gym) and her hair was kind of fancy and she had a personality that resembled that of a apartment complex manager a bit too much - kind of fakey. She also took my blood pressure wrong. I was concerned that my personal trainer might be similar and that I wouldn't like her.

Instead, my personal trainer is...well, hard to describe, but let me start by saying she looks surprisingly like Leonard Nimoy. She is probably in her 40s, and has a short haircut that is just long enough to be slightly unkempt (think early Beetles but more angular). No makeup. Stern and frank features. That kind of butchiness really appeals to me in women, so I felt immediately that we would get along.

We talked about my goals in general, and I explained that mostly I want a strength training routine that I can follow. She asked if I like free weights or machines better, and I said basically, whatever is easier to set up, which usually seems to be free weights for arm things (because you can just pick up the correct size of hand weight and go to it), but not necessarily for leg things (where you have to move individual weights on and off of bars).

We went over a lot of the machines, and did some ab stuff (using one of those inflatable balls because it is "fool proof" - this was after she discovered that I strain my neck too much while doing regular sit-ups, though I have a theory about this), and stretched in various ways at the end. We have another appointment in two weeks. I am supposed to work on my own in the meantime, of course.

Some of the machines at the gym are extremely cool. I plan to post about them soon.

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