Monday, January 05, 2009

Apple Thing

As part of cooking, I'm trying to work more fruit into our diets. Ed tends to be wary of fruit (has never really enjoyed it) and, while I like fruit, I don't tend to snack, and it's just never convenient to eat somehow.

A few nights ago, I made swordfish steaks, brussels sprouts, and brown rice with sauteed onions and shiitake mushrooms. It was all great, and for dessert we had blackberries. Well, to be more precise, I had picked up the berries for dessert, and ended up serving them with some ice cream, which made them extra delicious, of course.

Tonight for dinner I made tilapia, hobo-style potatoes*, broccoli and carrots. While at the store, I picked up a couple of apples for dessert. I was hoping to make some kind of baked apple "thing" that would be tastier than raw apples but not as unhealthy as an apple pie or crumble (which I don't know how to make in any case, though no doubt one can find recipes or something).

I ended up doing this. I sliced the apples up and put them into a small square casserole (like a brownie dish). Then I mixed oatmeal, cinnamon, brown sugar, and melted butter and put that on top of the apples. (I don't know a recipe like this, but it seemed like it would work.) It wasn't enough to completely make a top layer, so it was kind of just mixed in with the apples, but mostly on top. And then I baked that in the oven for about half an hour.

I didn't have anything to cover the casserole with (we were out of foil and I had already used my lidded dish for the potatoes), so some of the apples came out a bit dry. When the dish came out I wasn't sure that it would be good at all, but it was awesome. It definitely met my intention of being halfway between plain apples and something like a pie or crumble. And it was by far the tastiest part of the meal (which I had remarked, earlier, met the "dinner at home" criteria of "I would only eat this if someone told me 'here's dinner, now eat' - I wouldn't seek it out").

So that worked out well!

(* Hobo potatoes is where you cut up potatoes and onions and stick them in a foil pouch with some butter, and then cook them in the oven - or over your campfire. I was, as previously mentioned, unexpectedly out of foil, so in fact we had pseudo-hobo potatoes that were baked in a casserole dish.)


Sally said...

Your apple "thing" is very much like one my mom makes - a sort of semi-austere version of apple crisp. My dad makes a super-easy version that involves putting sliced (peeled) apples with cinnamon, sugar, and a bit of water in the microwave until they get soft, also delicious.

Tam said...

That sounds quite good, and easy (though I'd skip the peeling). Do you cover it to microwave it?

I really can't force myself to eat raw apples, but I love apple desserts.

Sally said...

Yes, cover in the microwave. I want to say it takes about 5 mins to cook, but I've never done it myself, only enjoyed the fruits (heh) of dad's labor.