Monday, January 12, 2009

NFL Playoffs

I didn't watch much football this season, but I've been following the playoffs fairly avidly. And although there are a few NFL teams that I tend to really like (the Broncos of course, the Colts, the Eagles), it's not usually obvious to me who I will root for in a particular game. I didn't go into the playoffs this year with any particular favorites. Nevertheless, I have rooted for the winning team in 7 out of 8 playoff games so far, and more often than not I was rooting for the underdog, so it's been an interesting season.

In the first ("Wildcard") round, the games (with winners in bold) were

Chargers at Colts:
I rooted for the Chargers because I was honestly impressed by how they came back in their season and eventually won over Denver in the final game of the regular season to make the playoffs (after Denver led the division all season).

Ravens at Dolphins:
I rooted for the Ravens even though defense-heavy teams are not my style just because ravens are one of my very favorite birds and I like the purple uniforms. Also, Sally hates Florida teams.

Falcons at Cardinals:
I hate all Atlanta teams, so it was Cards for me all the way.

Eagles at Vikings:
I didn't watch this one, but would have gone for the Eagles because I love them.

In the second ("Divisional") round, we had (again with winners in bold):

Chargers at Steelers:
I rooted for the Chargers, but it was evident pretty early on that the Steelers were going to kick them all up and down the field.

Ravens at Titans:
I was still a Ravens fan.

Cardinals at Panthers:
I like both of these teams, but by now I'd noticed that I was picking all of the bird teams, and indeed I found myself continuing to root for the Cards.

Eagles at Giants:
I was still Eagles all the way.

So it's been a pretty good run, and I've supported a bird team every time I got the chance. I don't know if that's a general pattern or just happenstance. (I wouldn't have supported the Atlanta Falcons against anyone.)

Next week are the AFC and NFC champions, with Steelers at Ravens and Eagles at Cardinals, respectively. I'll be rooting for the Ravens and the Eagles, and, if things go according to plan, for the Eagles in the Superbowl. Not that anyone should care.


Sally said...

I have almost zero feelings about professional football teams, but my hating Florida teams and liking bird teams still hold. I do not hate all Atlanta teams, though obviously, I hate their baseball team (and perhaps, with time, will hate all Atlanta teams through some kind of negative halo effect).

I also know nothing about what teams are good or bad.

Tam said...

I don't know much about which teams are good or bad this season, but it's a good bet that the home team is favored to win in the playoffs, because you get "home field advantage" by being seeded higher.

And yeah, I only hate Atlanta teams via that halo effect.