Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spring 2009

My semester begins Tuesday, and originally I was only scheduled to take one class - Principles of Programming Languages, the last computer science class in my degree plan. It is on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 PM, and I just couldn't find another class before it to fill in the gap, at least among classes that I need or would like to take. (I only have three classes left after this semester, but I would have been happy to have taken another math.)

Last night, I decided to do a search through the online schedule for all classes that are around 5 on M/W. And I found that UCD (University of Colorado at Denver) has a cross-listed math class at 5:30. This one:
MATH 4220-3. Higher Geometry II. Studies affine and projective geometries. Coordinates are introduced in this framework. Planes and higher dimensional spaces are examined. Prereq:MATH3191.
The prereq is for linear algebra, which I started but didn't finish (and will retake next year). I feel relatively confident that I can remember and/or pick up whatever linear algebra it will require. I have also taken the Metro class that is equivalent to their Higher Geometry I, although that is not a prereq.

I am excited about this on several levels. One: math! Two: scary geometry! Three: it's at UCD, where I want to get my master's, so it's possible it could help me. Four: it's another 400-level math class, which I could use.

I was looking forward to a kind of laid-back semester with only the one class, but now I'm very excited about the geometry addition. It will make my semester difficult but enjoyable and rewarding. I can't wait.

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