Sunday, January 11, 2009


My money situation is pretty good lately, so it seems like a nice time for another update.

If you look at my last debt snowball (from November '07), you will see that I should have owed about $9000 by this month. In truth, I've not done as well at paying off debts as I should have. I've spent money pretty profligately this year, partly because of dating Ed. (Ed isn't expensive or anything; it's mostly just that dating him has kind of made me loose and happy and carefree in a way that isn't helpful for budgeting, healthy eating, or other discipline-requiring endeavors.)

However, in May I changed jobs. As a result of doing so, instead of working for a company that is going out of business any day now, I'm working for a company that is doing very well. And although I have the same salary as before, I got a large bonus last month, nearly all of which I applied to debts.

As a result, my total debt this month is about $5,000. This is wonderful and unexpected and I should be completely out of debt by May. The only money I owe now is on my car, which is worth more than I owe on it. So I am feeling really good about that.

Meanwhile, the delightful Mosch moved out in May, and the differently delightful Ed moved in in September. Unlike Mosch, Ed pays me rent, so I have more money on a monthly basis. Ed has also graduated and is now looking for a job; when he gets one, he'll start paying half of the rent and utilities instead of the slightly smaller amount he pays now.

I recently became eligible for my company's 401K, and I am now putting in 15% of my income. I believe there is some matching or company donations of some kind, though I haven't been able to figure it out exactly.

In addition, I am now once again covered by a health insurance plan with a high deductible and associated HSA account. Unlike some people's flexible spending accounts, mine keeps the money in it forever; you can always use the money for medical expenses (including eyeglasses, OTC drugs, vitamins used to treat a condition, etc.), and at retirement age you can withdraw it freely. My current health plan is even more excellent in that regular preventive care is not subject to the deductible, and my company pays half of it every year - the first half! They just put that money directly into my HSA account, so I don't really need to fund it myself at all.

Anyway, things are looking good all the way around.

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