Monday, January 05, 2009

Home Cookin'

Ed and I rarely eat dinner together at home. We either eat out together, or we eat separately. Given that neither of us is a very good "everyday" cook and the usual difficulties of managing schedules and so on, we eat homemade meals together about once a month or so, usually at my whim.

Since exercising together is going so well, I've proposed a new plan for eating together. Starting this week, the plan is for us to eat a home-cooked meal together three times a week. I'm planning to cook twice and have him cook once. I hope to move up to four and possibly even five times a week once we get the basics down.

"Home-cooked" is a bit loosely defined, but I basically mean for us to make a balanced meal (at least a protein and some kind of vegetable, and enough food overall to constitute dinner, which would generally mean some kind of starch or grain would be included) out of grocery store ingredients. A box of macaroni and cheese would thus count as a reasonable side, but a giant bowl of it is not dinner by itself. So, you know, just dinner the way most people would think of it - no fanciness or gourmet preparations required.

I think this will be fun and beneficial.

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Sally said...

I got super-spoiled by restaurant meals on my vacation (though that was interspersed with sandwiches and frozen dinners heated up in the microwave). I am semi-proud of myself that I have a dinner casserole in the oven already (9:30 a.m.). Let's hope I can keep it up.