Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Date Confusion

A conversation from yesterday:

Me: [talking about an economic run we did for a client] The capital costs didn't show up in 2009 because the well was scheduled for January '09 and the cap costs happen a month before that.

Joan: Well, they just completed the well yesterday, so the costs should be in 2009.

Me: How can the costs be next year if they just completed the well?!?

Joan: It's January already.

Me: Oh.

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Sally said...

I am all over the 2009 thing this year, since I spent the first couple of days writing the date in my birding list notebook. I used to sometimes get the date confused in a weird way when working at my last job, since our fiscal/license year started in Sept/Aug of the previous year. It would be October 2002 and I'd think it was 2003 already, etc.