Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Must. Have. Tivo.

A few months ago, I cancelled my home phone service, transferring the number to my (far cheaper) cell phone service. At the same time, I cancelled Tivo. I figured I could up my Netflix allowance to make up for the difference, and who needs Tivo, and anyway it uses the phone line.

Months later, it turns out I really do miss Tivo. Even though my Tivo box can still be used to record and pause television (you can pause live TV for up to half an hour, or program it to record manually like a very nice VCR), I really miss having the live program listings and the ability to just say, "Record every episode of The Amazing Race this season."

So I got an adapter so that the Tivo can use the wireless network, and it is now set up, and I restarted my account. For $12.95/month it is extremely worth it.

Long live Tivo.

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